Music Performance

Today I preformed three songs to my class; these songs included ‘I got a feeling’ by The Black Eyes Peas, ‘party girl’ By Mcfly and ‘wanted dead or alive’ by Bon Jovi. I didn’t want to make these songs the same as the original; therefore, I had the challenging task of interpreting them to create my own version of each one.

I got a feeling: I decided the best way to interpret this song would be to use an electric guitar and a loop pedal to re-create the song using just this. Firstly I needed to find a way to create a backing track for the melody using the loop pedal, I did this by using a delay effect to create the main tune, I used a reverse pitch bend to create the bass and a simple clean guitar sound to create the triplet beat that is played throughout the piece. I then went on to the melody and learnt this by ear. However, I felt this was still sounded a little hollow; therefore, I began to work out harmonies and octaves for the melody. Finally I needed to decide how to end the song; I decided to improvise a solo over the song using a solo pedal to increase the volume so it was able to be heard over the rest of the track. I also used a volume pedal to slowly fade out the track.

Party girl: I had the idea before of turning a pop song into a rock/metal song; it was just a matter of what song to choose. I chose this song as it has a simple structure and there is not much to the original so playing a guitar over it wouldn’t over power the song. Firstly I decided on what effects to use for the song resulting in me choosing distortion with a lot of gain as this is a bit feature in rock and metal music, I also chose a phaser effect to use in the break after the first chorus as this gave a nice ‘build up’ sound to the beginning of the verse. I thought that using a fast guitar part for the verse would give a good relevance to rock music, and using octaves in the chorus as octaves are used a lot in sub genres of rock.


Wanted dead or alive: This song was the easiest to interpret in the set as I played this on an acoustic to give it a different feeling to the other songs. I started by playing the intro riff as it is played in the song going into the main riff of the song. I wanted to use a slapping technique on the acoustic for the main riff in the song, this gave it a more ‘western’ and aggressive feeling. I then went on the play the chords of the song through the verse to the end of the chorus using my thumb to strum the guitar and my fingers to pick certain notes; I did this to give the sound of two guitars, one playing the backing chords and the other playing a melody. After playing this through I felt it was to short and was too similar to the original, therefore, I decided to play the whole thing through again but this time give it some features of funk, for example short staccato notes, and lots of muted notes.

After create all of these i found that each one didn’t sound very good as i didn’t know each song very well. this was because i kept forgetting parts, therefore, i used the technique, ‘playing it backwards’ to help me memorize parts of the song. to do this i took the last parts of each song and learned them again then playing the second last and and so on.

The reason i did this was to assist me in memorizing each part of the song one by one resulting in me learning it a lot faster. as well as this it also helped me to improve the quality of each part meaning i was more comfortable and relaxed about playing each part.


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