Progress on Lindsey Stirling’s ‘Crystalize’

After a few practices of Lindsey Stirling’s ‘Crystallize’ I found that it sounded a bit to plain without any bass or backing, therefore, I decided to use the technique of ‘playing along to the backing track’ with Conner on drums. i did this by plugging my ipod with the song into an amp and speaker. The reason i did this was to help fill out the sound of the piece and gave it a more powerful effect. it also helped me to stay in time a lot more as i made more to compare my playing to. However, this still has problems in its own, The track is difficult to play along to with the drums as it means Conner will have to listen to me and the track just to play in time and play the right things to fit my guitar part.

I feel that to get over this I feel that we could both use the technique ‘playing to a metronome’ as this will assist us in playing in time with each other. to do this we played to the metronome and slowly turned the volume of it down each run through of the song until we couldn’t hear it anymore. We did this as this will help the tempo of the song stick in our heads so we are able to imagine the tempo as well as listen to each others playing. This also helped us to get used to each others playing styles while we were just getting used to playing in time as we could analyze how the other reacted to what we were playing or if we went out of time.




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