Tokyo – The Wombats

After performing the song Tokyo with Pippa I found that the song was a little to simple for my liking, this is due to the same four chords that are repeated throughout the piece. As a result of this I felt that it needed a little more interpreting, to do this I decided to increase the length of a few parts of the chord progression leaving room for Pippa to create a melody or improvise. I also decided to change the dynamics of the song, for example, the first verse it very quiet with only a small amount of tapping on the strings to create a simple beat for the piece, this will then lead into a louder chorus and go back into a quieter verse with a little more percussive elements.

Later on in the song Pippa and I became stuck with how we were going to perform the bridge, however, after a little thinking we came to the conclusion that we would have percussive guitar playing a beat with straight open chords. Over this Pippa will sing an original melody.

However, this came with problems as my transition from playing chords to playing a beat was a little slow in order to get around this i began using the technique of ‘tapping my foot while playing’. i did this by beginning to get a feel for the tempo as the bridge came up then tapping my foot as we changed to the bridge. i did this in order to create a most uniform tempo. i also did this so that Pippa was able to stay in time with my tapping and overall be able to stay in time with my playing.


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