Mash Up

When working with my friends on a mixture of songs we came up with the idea of performing and composing a mash up of all of our favorite songs, this included: the Cup Song by Anna Kendrick, Come as You Are by Nirvana, Royals by Lorde, the Only Exception by Paramore and Give It Up by Casey and the Sunshine Band.

The First thing we felt we needed to do was to organize the songs into what order we would play them. This proved to be a challenge as all the songs had their strengths and weaknesses, for example, Give It Up had energy but didn’t capture any emotion from the audience where as the Only Exception had a lot of meaning and emotion yet no energy, preventing the audience from really getting into the song. In the end we decided the best order for the songs would be to put the Cup Song first as this was the simplest of the pieces containing vocals and a percussive effect on a cup, this was so that the mix could have a feel of tension as the pieces gradually gained more instruments and layers. The Cup Song was followed by the Only Exception as we wanted to capture the emotion of the audience early on in the song so we could leave the piece on an up beat happy feeling. Come as You Are was the next song in the mix as this song has a grungy element to it giving it a moody feel. the second too last song we decided would be Royals as we interpreted this song to be very funky by including elements of funk and blues in it, this then gave the song a more up beat feeling. Finally to end the mix we went with give it up as this left the audience / listener feeling happy as it has a very up lifting sound due to the major chords and fast tempo.

as their was so many part to this song we found it very difficult to memorize what song was supposed to be play at what time. therefore, we used the technique ‘repetion’ to get over this. to do this we simply played the whole mash up over and over again rather than each song at a time. the reason we did this was so that we could perfect every part of the song faster as we were playing every part every time we played the whole thing. it also assisted us in memorizing the order of the song meaning that we would not need reminders or need to stop halfway through the song. The reason that i chose this technique was that i found it a lot simpler than playing it to a metronome as i find it easier to get a feel for the music rather than playing to a click.


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