Reflecting on Crystallize

After finishing the song crystallizes I feel that I was a little slow on some of the parts and I failed to hit some on the notes. This impacted the performance negatively as it made the song appear out of time and a little hollow due to the lack of layers when I missed the notes. It also forced Conner, who played drums for my performance, to go out of time with the backing track while he was trying to stay in time with me.


Despite saying this I feel that the majority of the performance was a lot better that I felt it went. For example when going into the first chorus I feel that every note I played was on time and sounded clear due to the selection of distortion I used; Modern. I also feel that the use of the neck pickup made a big contribution to the tone of my guitar sound. I chose this pickup as the song is very high end and using the neck pickup countered this as it gave the guitar a thick worm feeling to it.


During the song I kept the distortion maxed out on my ME70 Effects pedal as the song is very hollow due to a lack of instruments. This also helped give feedback to the guitar on some of the longer notes. I then used this gain in feedback to end the song, I did this by holing the very last note for as long as I could without dragging the song out, as a result of this the note gradually changed into feedback creating a very high end noise.


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