Reflecting on My Love

I feel that my performance of my love by Justin Timberlake with Will, Sam and Elly went exceptionally well. I felt that the best way to improve the piece was to use different dynamics in the song, to do this I kept the verse relatively soft with only finger picking  then going into a more aggressive chorus by strumming the guitar, this gave the guitar more volume and over all more power. I also wanted to add in more of a rhythm element of the guitar part to go along with Will’s beat boxing, I did this by hitting the guitar with my nails on ever beat to add a snare like sound.


To finish the song off I felt the best way to do it would be to decrease the dynamics and focus more on the tone of the guitar; I did this by strumming chorus once near the 12th fret of the guitar, giving this section of the song a slow and warm feeling to the guitar part. To contradict this I strummed the very last chord slowly and near the bridge of the guitar giving the guitar a very harsh tone.


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