Writing a guitar part for need your love

I gave myself the challenge of composing my own guitar part for the song Need Your Love by Ellie Golding. Firstly I decided to work out the chords, I did this by listening very carefully to the individual notes in each chords then I tried to find them all individually on the guitar to build the chords. Finding these chords also helped me figure out the key of the actual song. As a result of this I was able to improvise melodies and runs around this key. For example, during the second verse I found harmonizing notes that went well with the basic chords. To make the notes flow better I added in a few notes in-between.

I felt that the guitar sound was a bit too simple therefore, I decided to add in a phaser effect to help the guitar mix in with the rest of the track as the song is very techno. I also added in a delay effect to go along with the steady 4/4 beat that is continues throughout the piece.

after finishing this piece i found that the parts i had written didn’t sound very good, this was a result of the parts being too complicated. i order to get over this i decided i would use the technique ‘playing it backwards’. i did this by playing the last part first and mastering it then going to the second last and so on. However, this technique didn’t seem to help me play it any better, therefore, i instead change the technique to ‘isolation’ on the hardest parts i did this by playing these parts to a slowed down metronome until i mastered it.


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